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Pay Biz

Customized software for payroll management system with pay Slip, Pay Schemes, Attendance Register Custom formula, Salary Calculation, Movement Register, Wages Calculation, Job Card, User defined Allowances & Deductions, etc. With user Interface, user security and other Controls are available.


Front Screen


  • Fully customizable formula for salary calculation.
  • User defined earnings or deductions (eg. BP, DA, ESI, PF).
  • The formula calculator allows the user to generate his own formula.
  • Employee Pay Scheme defines the salary calculation method for each category of employees.
  • Salary settings allows user to create or modify settings that can be changed in a period of time. (According to government/company rules)
  • Salary can be calculated for monthly or wages drawing employees.
  • The attendance can be used to give attendance for the monthly salary drawing employees.
  • Biometric finger print reader can be integrated to read the time in and time out for each employee
  • The attendance properties are user defined and can be calculated in formulas for salary calculation.
  • Monthly list - used for values that override all the salary calculation methods. This value will be taken for the salary calculation.
  • Salary calculation can be done monthly, weekly or hourly. Advance payments, recovery of advance, holiday wages, leave with wages, bonus etc. can be calculated under salary calculation.
  • All kinds of reports can be generated (for eg. esi, pf, welfare fund, acquittance, summary, detail etc.)



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